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EQUIPPED Page 2 Havis Newsletter / Vol. 01 No. 03 / November 2013 Your source for all Havis news, products, and happenings. Dell rugged notebooks are built to perform in the most demanding envi- ronments and designed to operate as part of a complete field-ready solution. Computing solutions deployed in harsh environments, such as in-vehicle deployments, require the highest degree of durability. Because these devices run mission-critical applications, failure can lead to costly downtime or jeopar- dize an important mission. With Dell Rugged computing solutions, you get military-grade durability and reliability, commercial grade system performance, and a business level of support and man- ageability that you've come to expect from Dell. Dell Rugged notebooks are com- posed of two key offerings, the Fully Rugged Latitude E6420XFR and the Semi-Rugged Latitude E6430 ATG. Both products feature: workplace plays with optional resistive touch options for connectivity anywhere to military standard (MIL STD 810G), ingress protection, and other indus- try standards security and support As a first responder or public safety official, you rely on your technology to keep up with you when on-the-go, especially in vehicles. That's why Dell and Havis have been vehicle-based comput- ing solution partners from the begin- ning. Havis docking stations are custom designed for the Dell Rugged notebooks and provide the safest, most reliable solution for mobile computing applica- tions. The Dell Havis docking stations are the industry's safest and most secure in-vehicle computing solution, keeping your Dell Rugged notebook safe, secure, docked and productive. View a video to learn more about the Dell Rugged value proposi- tion here. There have been changes to the "C-ENCLOSED SERIES" recommended mount column in our Vehicle Applica- tion Chart . The column header has been changed to recommend preferred solutions. The C-M-Series brackets were devel- oped many years ago prior to the Tunnel Mounts. With the introduction of Tunnel Mounts and the evolution of console designs, the C-TMW-XXX Kits have proven to be the preferred method for console and accessory installations. (except for C-VS consoles). The C-M-XX series kits are a less expensive alternative, however many do require drilling holes into the floor and they are not as sturdy as the C-TMW mounts. C-TMW mounts do not require drilling into floor. In addition, most newer vehicles now include sensors, wiring and air ducts on the transmis- sion hump that can cause problems with bracket positioning. For these reasons, many of the C-M- Series kits are not the preferred way for mounting equipment between the seats of a vehicle. The C-M-Series information is still on the Vehicle Application Chart in the com- ment boxes. Our goal is to provide recommenda- tions that have proven to be the best for each application. However it is the customer's choice to select a mount that best meets your specific needs. Hopeful- ly our recommendations are considered when making a decision. Please contact us if you have any questions or comments. Tech Update With the right trunk mount, you can optimize storage space and provide a clean, safe and secure mounting surface for expensive radio and communications equipment. Havis' full width slide-out trunk trays are constructed of welded steel for added strength and support. Premium Fold Down Trunk Tray with slide out equipment tray allows easy mounting and access to electronic components. When the Trunk Tray is hinged up in the closed position, all items mounted on the tray will be protected from damage and allow for access to the spare. The slide out equipment tray is easy to remove and reinstall for service needs as well as pre-installation of equipment. Trunk side mounts use a hinged platform for mounting electronic equipment, and will protect this equipment when in the closed position. The latest addition to our Trunk options is the Universal Storage Box for Utility Vehicles, a new storage box that mounts into the cargo area in any utility space. The universal design allows it to be mounted behind the rear seat, against a partition or K9 transport unit, or any flat surface. The hinge down door allows easy access to equipment and keeps it protected when closed. Equipment mounts to removable inner door panel for bench top pre-assembly. For more information on any of Havis' trunk mount solutions, visit Havis is constantly developing new products to stay a step ahead of today's technology, as well as compatible products for our numerous partners. Some of our latest developments include: Integrated Control System The future of mobile office interiors by integrating on board technology onto a touch screen display . Apple iPad Docking Station This complete docking system includes a durable protective case that offers charging and security. for Getac's F110 Rugged Tablet. Havis has been working closely with Getac to develop a rugged docking station for their new tablet. Product Spotlight: Trunk Mounting Options Optimize storage space while providing a clean, safe and secure mounting surface. The new universal storage box mounts in the cargo area of any utility vehicle. An Apple iPad Docking Station by Havis is coming soon! DID YOU KNOW? The new Support area at is filled with some of our most frequently asked questions and answers. As always, a live person is just a phone call away. Partner Ecosystem Focus Dell Rugged Mobility and Havis - Designed for Safe, Reliable In-Vehicle Computing In Development from Havis Exciting new products currently in development will be launching soon!

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