March 2014 Page 1 Havis Newsletter Vol. 01 No. 04 / March 2014

EQUIPPED Your source for all Havis news, products, and happenings. Vol. 01 No. 04 / March 2014 Havis, Inc. / ISO 9001:2008 Certified / Field Technologies Features Havis Article "The Importance of Proper Mounting, Docking for Your Mobile Equipment" NEW PRODUCTS Havis releases new products every week. See them all at Protect and organize expensive in-vehicle equipment and hardware January's Field Technologies magazine featured a Havis article that focused on the benefits of proper docking and mounting in a total mobility solution. Docking Solutions: In a fully- equipped mobile office, the safety of the driver and any passengers is paramount. In-vehicle equipment like laptops, tab- lets or other peripherals can easily become dangerous projectiles during an accident or sudden stop. However, with a high-quality docking solution, this equipment will remain securely mount- ed and functional through rugged driv- ing conditions and even power spikes. In addition to protecting mobile work- ers and their expensive hardware, dock- ing stations integrate intelligent port replication to provide reliable access to power and peripherals while minimizing the risk of accidental disconnects. Havis manufactures a wide range of these docking stations, as well as cradle-only solutions, which refer to docking stations with no electronics built into them. With a universal tablet or laptop cradle, users can secure most device brands without sacrificing safety or durability. According to the article, fleet man- agers should consider the following to determine an ideal docking station or cradle: "Do you need port replication, such as USB, serial, or Ethernet? Will you need to power peripherals like print- ers, keyboards, bar code scanners, and antennas? Do you need external antenna connectivity or pass-through such as GPS, LAN, or WAN? Will the device be frequently removed from the dock, or will it remain stationary?" Mounting Solutions : To enhance productivity, fleet managers should uti- lize mounting solutions that organize in-vehicle equipment and are ergonomi- cally designed to make that equipment easy to see, reach and operate while cre- ating additional space. These products include center consoles, passenger side mounts, dash monitor mounts, trunk mounts, and motion devices. Havis mounting products, specifically, provide a strong foundation that mini- mizes vibration, which can transmit dam- aging shock to a computer and cause eye strain, typing errors, and undue wear and tear on the laptop's chassis, electronics and hinges. To help fleet managers ensure mobile worker safety and comfort, and proper equipment organization, the article poses the following questions: "Will you require convenient adjustments for computer usage by both the driver and passenger? Will multiple drivers need to easily modify the solution's setup? Do you require access to amenities such as keyboards, printers, arm rests, or cup holders? Do you need to avoid perma- nent modification, such as drilling, of the vehicle to protect its resale value?" Next Steps: With thoughtful plan- ning, fleet managers can select the most appropriate solutions to improve mobile worker safety, productivity and comfort. Manufacturers like Havis offer a variety of products that are compatible with the latest vehicles and devices, so each fleet can benefit from a customized mobile office solution. Read the full article at Field Technolo- gies Online. Havis' latest article in Field Technologies magazine focused on the benefits of proper docking and mounting within a total mobility solution. After its introduction in October, Havis announced that the Docking Station for the Getac F110 Rugged Tablet is now available for order. This latest docking solution will improve productivity by pro- viding mobile workers with a secure loca- tion for tablet charging and connection to essential peripherals, such as keyboards, printers and barcode scanners. With strain relief and recessed port replication, the docking station protects cable connections to essential peripherals and prevents accidental disconnects. It also features an easy-to-use latch handle and barrel lock that work together to securely mount the tablet and provide convenient one-handed docking and peace-of-mind theft deterrence. The Docking Station Series for the Getac F110 Tablet is one of Havis' first to include models with an internal power supply that connects to the vehicle's light- er plug for convenient charging. Addition- al models offer triple high-gain antenna to improve range and Lind power supply with customized cord length and con- nector tip. For more information on the DS-GTC-200 Series, visit Docking Station for Getac F110 Tablet FEATURED IN THIS ISSUE... Havis in Field Technologies Docking Station for Getac F110 Partner Ecosystem Focus Products In Development Keyboards & Bundles 2014-2015 Vehicles Pursuit-rated 2015 Chevy Tahoe Vancouver PD Utilizes IdleRight Havis Announces How To Guides Havis University Coming Soon Samsung Galaxy Docking Station In Every Issue... New Products Released Tech Tips Havis Events Product Spotlight Featured Havis Fan Havis worked closely with Getac to develop a docking station for the F110 Rugged Tablet.

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