June 2014 Page 1 Havis Newsletter Vol. 02 No. 01 / June 2014

EQUIPPED Your source for all Havis news, products, and happenings. Vol. 02 No. 01 / June 2014 Havis, Inc. / ISO 9001:2008 Certified / www.havis.com Designed for saving space, creating police officer comfort and integrating on-board technology Havis recently announced that the new Docking System for the Apple iPad is now available for pre-order. Havis' first Apple-specific docking system will improve productivity by providing mobile workers with a secure location for tablet charging and usage in almost any work environment. The complete Havis Docking System Package is available for the Apple iPad 2, 3, 4 or Air. The package includes a dura- ble, lightweight protective case with an optional hand strap, and offers tablet charging and security. The docking sta- tion component is compatible with all models, so tablet upgrades within a fleet would only require replacement of Havis protective cases. The docking system was tested against the industry's toughest safety and quality standards to ensure reli- able docking and performance in the field. Testing includes in-vehicle crash simulations, MIL-STD 810G vibration testing, environmental testing for hot/ cold operation and storage, extensive cycle testing, and compliance with RoHS regulations. The Havis Docking System for the Apple iPad features an easy-to-use latch handle and barrel lock that provide con- venient one-handed docking and work together to securely and effectively mount the tablet, even with repeated use. The docking system also utilizes strain relief to protect the power cable connection and prevent accidental dis- connects. Havis is well-versed in building reli- able docking solutions to improve mobile worker productivity. By work- ing closely with device manufacturers, Havis can design custom solutions that enhance comfort and safety in the field. For more information on the Docking System for the Apple iPad, please visit www.havis.com . Pre-order New Havis Docking System for the Apple iPad NEW PRODUCTS Havis releases new products every week. See them all at www.havis.com The modern police vehicle is becom- ing loaded with technology and equip- ment that, in turn, puts a premium on in-vehicle space. The Havis Integrated Control System is designed for saving space, creating police officer comfort, and integrating on-board technology. Vehicle Integration : The Integrated Control System was co-developed with Ford to replace and mount in the factory dashboard location of the Ford Police Interceptor Sedan and Utility. Safety: By relocating computers and external video sources to the trunk, the Integrated Control System allows for a flush profile of the OEM dash and a clean cockpit. Touch Screen Display with two modes of operation: The ultra-wide viewing angle of the sunlight-readable LCD Touch Screen Display allows for both driver and passenger operation. Video Mode 1 allows you to control the built- in Integrated Control System vehicle applications and Video Mode 2 allows remote control of an externally mounted computer, laptop or tablet. The Touch Screen Display allows for NTSC Camera viewing, the Image Viewer and real-time diagnostics that include system status and vehicle battery levels. The display also features AM/FM radio controls, which replace the vehicle's fac- tory controls. Tactile Buttons: The Integrated Control System features tactile HVAC controls and a tactile Mode button to toggle between the two different display options. Other buttons control volume, brightness and blackout. Illumination Levels: Touch Screen Display has four different illumination levels ranging from dim for nighttime use to bright for use in the sun. Steering Wheel Control: The steering wheel buttons can be configured to con- trol the User Mode, Illumination Level and AM/FM radio functions (band, tune, seek, volume). Laptop/Tablet Compatibility: The Integrated Control System is compatible with a wide range of laptops and tablets, which can be connected to the system through HDMI or VGA cables. System Settings: Utilize the admin- istrator password to save and maintain settings that cannot be edited. Upcoming Event: The Integrated Control System will be featured in the Havis booth (#524) at Police Fleet Expo in Louisville, KY, between August 18-21. For more information on the Havis Integrated Control System, visit www. havis.com/integrated-control-system. FEATURED IN THIS ISSUE... Havis Integrated Control System Docking System for Apple iPad Products In Development International Sales Partner Ecosystem Focus Ford Credit Municipal Finance 3D Printer for Prototype Testing 2014-2015 Vehicles Havis Adds "Search by Computer Brand" to Website Docking Station for Getac V110 In Every Issue... New Products Released Product Spotlight Tech Tips Career Opportunities Havis Events

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