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EQUIPPED Page 2 Havis Newsletter / Vol. 01 No. 02 / July 2013 Your source for all Havis news, products, and happenings. RE: Vehicle Specific Consoles, K9 Kits and any product that has multiple parts Installation of equipment that must be bolted together and fit close to the vehicle interior can be frustrating if you do not follow one standard installation rule. " Loosely assemble parts together before final tightening ". We get calls about parts that do not fit together or have large gaps. In most cases the cause of the problem is the installer completely tightens parts in each step of the installation process. Pre-tightening for some items is OK, but for many products, you must loose fit everything, position and adjust as needed before completely tightening the mounting hardware. Many parts have oversized or slot- ted mounting holes to improve ease of installation, because of this, the loose fit method is a critical part of the process. For additional support on Assembly and Installation of Havis products, visit our support area at www.havis.com . Tech Tip: Product Installation Installing Products with Multiple Parts into a Vehicle This Universal Enclosed Step Down Console makes the most of your vehicle's space and offers a safe mounting solution for your equipment. This unique design gives 12" of rear mounting space then angles down 30 degrees to another 7" of forward m o u n t i n g space. This design allows for various applications such as the ability to mount a printer or computer at the front of the console without interfering with the radio/dash controls. The console can be turned around so the lower portion is in the back for other applications. It is an excellent solution for Brother PocketJet printers and computer mounts. The Step Down Console is universal in that it mounts to any flat surface or a C-TMW tunnel mount kit. For more information see the C-SD-0712 product page at www.havis.com . Product Spotlight: Step Down Consoles Unique "Step Down" console offers 19-inches of control head and accessory space The Step Down Console housing can be turned in either direction for multiple applications. Havis has partnered with Masten- Wright for sales and support to all coun- tries outside of North America. Founded in 1944, Masten-Wright has over 60 years of international sales, administrative and logistical experience, delivering unparal- leled service to over 85 countries world- wide. You can also find our Product Bro- chure in various languages at www. havis.com under How to Buy > Inter- national Sales For international inquiries outside of North America, please contact:: Craig Fresher, VP of International Sales for Masten-Wright. Email: ckf@exportdept.com Phone: +1 203-230-4130 Website: exportdept.com International Sales Partner Ecosystem Focus Clients describe Partner on iOS as an essential tool for accessing Partner's Map Viewer at all times. Whether a client is already using laptops in the field or only used paper maps, Partner on iOS allows for wider usability in non-standard places. Flexibility is an important asset of any software, and now with Partner on iOS, maps are available on an iPhone or iPad. Whether in a board meeting or out in the field, Partner on iOS provides much needed data at every employee's fingertips. Since all Partner solutions are site- licensed, users are limitless. End users can access data via Partner on iOS when working out in the field to find system equipment or customer location. Dock- ing solutions from Havis are an integral component of using solutions in the field. Various Havis series offers charg- ing, security and connection to peripher- als in any work environment. Maximizing productivity to the fullest, their docking solutions are lightweight and built to deter theft and maintain the longevity and stability of any tablet. In addition, Partner on iOS on iPads works excel- lently with UT-200 series, which includes a series of Universal Tablet mounts. For more information please visit www.partnersoft.com Announcing the "Havis Equipped" Blog! The Havis Equipped Blog features the latest news, trends and information for mobile professionals. Our goal is to provide our readers with a dedicated educational space for industry intelli- gence, business and sales tips, product and vehicle information, technical sup- port, and more. We're pooling together information from all Havis departments, and from our ecosystem of partners, to give you a comprehensive view of the industry and what to expect next. From new vehicles to new technology, the Havis Equipped Blog has you covered! We also encourage feedback from our readers. This blog was created for you, so feel free to let us know what you want to read about! To share your own ideas for future blog posts, please fill out the Havis Contact Form . Have a specific question in mind about Havis? Check out the Havis Sup- port Center for FAQs, Account & Order Support, Product Support, and Havis Materials & Downloads. Loose-fitting your product can help immensely in the installation process.

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