December 2014 Page 1 Havis Equipped Corporate Newsletter Vol. 2 No. 2

EQUIPPED Your source for all Havis news, products, and happenings. Vol. 02 No. 02 / December 2014 Havis, Inc. / ISO 9001:2008 Certified / The widespread adoption of tablets in various workforces is allowing indus- tries across the board to break out of the office and improve productivity through mobility and increased flexibility. Mobile workers can utilize multiple devices, such as desktops, laptops, tab- lets and smartphones, to expand their workspace. They are no longer confined just to their office desk. Tablets and smartphones have cre- ated the "anytime, anywhere worker" who has access to their e-mails and work outside of normal business hours. Mobile workers have the flexibility to do their job at another facility, at home, during their commute, while traveling, or in coffee shops or other public spaces. Of course, tablet adoption has been dependent on the needs of each mobile workforce. While many fleets may require the processing power of a laptop throughout the day, they can also utilize tablets for lighter mobility and telemat- ics applications. We're seeing this shift occurring in a number of industries, including industri- al, transportation, energy services, gov- ernment, healthcare, education, retail, financial services, technology, legal, and hospitality. In order to support the use of tablets in these industries, Havis has developed a line of tablet docking stations to pro- vide a secure location for charging and usage in almost any work environment. Havis currently offers tablet solutions for Panasonic, Getac, Dell, Apple, Microsoft and more. For more information on Havis tablet docking solutions and cradles, please visit Incorporating Tablets into the Mobile Workforce For over 80 years, Havis has been maximizing mobile worker productivity with industry-leading in-vehicle office solutions. As a dominant brand with an excellent reputation in the public safety industry, Havis is utilizing its extensive experience and superior product to ser- vice the enterprise industry. Utility & Electric: Fleets are vital to maintaining public utilities like electric- ity, water and telecom services. They uti- lize bucket trucks, cranes, boom trucks and digger derricks. Energy Services: These service com- panies provide oil, natural gas, liquid fuels, etc. They execute planning, drilling, completion, production, and abandon- ment of well locations. Material Handling: Fleets utilize industrial trucks, forklifts and work carts for the movement, warehouse storage, control and protection of materials, goods and products. Transportation: This industry coor- dinates the movement of goods to con- sumers through various modes of trans- portation, and includes logistics services and freight trucking. Railroads & Railways: Fleets special- ize in the maintenance and service of freight railroad and railway operations, and assist with construction, repairs and quality inspections. What sets Havis apart? Over 80 years of experience Dominant and reputable brand Broad product portfolio Global sales and support network Trusted reseller channel Manufacturing and design capa- bilities Valuable industry partnerships Progressive business strategies Developing mutual opportunities FEATURED IN THIS ISSUE... Havis Solutions Benefit Multiple Markets Meet the Team... Havis in Multiple Markets Incorporating Tablets Partner Ecosystem Focus Havis ICS Configurator New Vehicle Updates Havis Lands' End Anti-idling Technologies Search by Computer Brand Havis Joins MHI Havis Solutions App Available Product Slideshow Forklift Mounting Systems In Every Issue... New Products Released Product Spotlight Tech Tips Career Opportunities Havis Events Havis is a key component of the Total Mobility Solution that addresses your business problem. Our mounting and docking solutions maximize productivity and protect your investments. Sales Team Announcements: We're excited to announce that Sam Barall is Havis' new National Sales Manager - Enterprise. This newly created position will allow Sam the opportunity to focus on enterprise markets. We would also like to welcome Herb Fluster to the Havis Sales Team. Herb will replace Sam as Southeast Team's Regional Sales Manager. Karen Gold has been promoted from within to Customer Service Supervisor. At Havis, we architecturally design our organizational paradigm to prepare us and our industry associates for strategi- cally planned development. Havis has a reputation for uphold- ing professionalism, understanding the industry landscapes, maintaining a competitive edge, and cross leverag- ing our strengths to benefit all of our relationships. By employing seasoned professionals in specifically aligned roles, Havis is confident we are able to offer unsurpassed service and support. We encourage you to check back reg- ularly to "Meet the Team" which is every growing at today! HAVIS TABLET SOLUTIONS Havis Docking Stations and Cradles for tablets are the ideal solution for all your computing needs. Havis now offers tablet dock- ing solutions for Apple, Dell, Getac, Microsoft, Panasonic and Samsung.

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