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EQUIPPED Your source for all Havis news, products, and happenings. Vol. 01 No. 01 / April 2013 Havis, Inc. / ISO 9001:2008 Certified / www.havis.com The Universal Tablet Mount by Havis is compatible with most 10" tablets for ergonomic in-vehicle and desktop computing Havis Expands Tablet Docking and Cradle Line with New Universal Tablet Mount To complement a growing line of tablet docking stations and cradles, Havis Inc. announced the launch of its new Universal Tablet Mount. This latest tablet mounting solution is compatible with most 10-inch tablets from a wide variety of manufacturers, including Acer, Apple, Asus, Dell, Lenovo, Motorola, Pan- asonic, Samsung, and Toshiba. For businesses looking to integrate tablets into their on-the-go workforce, this universal device offers flexibility and durability in just about any mobile work- space. Havis' Universal Tablet Mount is adjustable to accommodate and secure most 10-inch tablets with or without their protective cases and skins, depend- ing on the tablet model. The tablet tray also features a thin profile and overall smaller footprint to maximize space within a vehicle or office setting. With safety at the forefront of all Havis designs, the rugged Universal Tablet Mount was tested to withstand in-vehi- cle crash simulations and is compliant with RoHS (Restriction of Use of Hazard- ous Substances) regulations. The tray's easy-to-use latch handle and barrel lock work together to securely mount the tablet and prevent it from becoming a potentially dangerous pro- jectile in a crash. This locking mechanism also provides the user with peace-of- mind theft deterrence. Combined with Havis mounting and motion accessories, the Universal Tablet Mount provides mobile professionals with safe and ergonomic computing from vehicle to desktop, or even from office wall to work cart. Additionally, the tray's mounting base fits the universal VESA 75mm hole pattern and is there- fore compatible with a number of avail- able mounts. By investing in Havis mounting and computing solutions, fleet managers can improve the productivity of their employees without sacrificing in-vehicle safety, quality of materials or product longevity. Havis products are specifically designed to keep mobile professionals focused on the road when driving, as well as comfortable and productive when safely parked. The Universal Tablet Mount is an integral part of incorporating tablet use into any mobile business, and it allows employees to stay productive both on the road and in the office. For more information on the Havis Universal Tablet Mount, please visit www.havis.com/universal-tablet-mount Havis Universal Tablet Mount adjusts to accommodate and secure most 10-inch tablets with or without their protective cases and skins, depending on the tablet model. Havis has been very busy confirming that our Vehicle Specific products and designs will fit in the new 2013 vehicle year model. Over 30 models have been tested and verified. These products include Vehicle Spe- cific Consoles, Dash Monitor Mounts, K9 Transport Systems, and Heavy Duty Mounting Bases or Packages. NEW PRODUCTS Havis releases new products every week. See them all at www.havis.com Havis confirms 30+ vehicle specific products are ready for the new year 2013 Vehicles Featured Havis Fan "I AM A VOLUNTEER EMT IN EASTERN NORTH CAROLINA. I JUST RECENTLY HAD A HAVIS CUSTOM FIT CONSOLE PUT IN MY FORD EXPEDITION. THANK YOU!! WHAT A PERFECT FIT. I AM LOOKING FORWARD TO UPGRADING MY EQUIPMENT AND MOUNTING IT IN THE CONSOLE. WHAT A GREAT PRODUCT!!" - DONALD S. WATKINS, NC VIA FACEBOOK FEATURED IN THIS ISSUE... Universal Tablet Mount 2013 Vehicle Announcement Minimizing In-Vehicle Distractions Partner Ecosystem Focus Panasonic H2 Docking Stations Meet the Team How to Safely Transport Prisoners Total Mobility Solutions Contract Purchasing Solutions The Havis Experience Havis Donations for 2012 In Every Issue... New Products Released Tech Tips Havis Events Product Spotlight Featured Havis Fan

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